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Heard so many good comments from customers, Raceteams and friends about the Chicken Hawk tire warmes, that I decided to offer them here.
They're not that kinda cheap warehouse stuff, they're build from real Quality Materials .

- Unique “Full Coverage” heater design, providing uniform heating across the heating area & surface
- Build in Aramid (Kevlar) DuPont Textile for maximum of heat Retention .
- DuPont Fiber Melt-Proof Inner Liner, with Temperature Sensitive Dye (shows misuse or malfunction)
- A internal shock cord makes plus a strap makes on/off easy
- Indication of heatening /Temp reached by neon operating light ( at the Base Model )

BOUGHT and used by Factory teams and riders:

Yoshimura Suzuki- Spies & Yates

American Honda- Duhamel & Zemke

Ducati Austin - Hodgson & Bostrom

Erion Racing - Hayes & Gobert