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A brand new Section here.
I got a lot of Inquiries past months regarding a real working "stand alone" Quickshift Systems, which do not require a Motec or similar ECU .
And there are just a few which I can recommend.

As Marelli,Motec,PI...etc have their own Quickshifters "Onboard" it is a different thing to install a Stand-Alone Quickshift System.
Of course most people do not ride free programmable ECU´s, so they´re dependent on Recommendations for something which really works.

At present it seems like the best Functionality, the best worldwide available Quickshifter also does require the most Time to install.
And then there´s another Quickshift-system, which I need to test, which is easy to install, and has a good Reputation over here, for easy install, and good Function.

More later ~ 15 of June.