Brakes & Wheels

"Improving the Brake ?", I often read in Forums worlwide . Sometimes I cannot really follow the discussions, as for me it seems to be not a Mystery, to build a good Brake.
My Solution for a good Brake for older Bikes is simple :
I take some cast Iron Discs, Brembo or ISR Calipers , any Radial Master and done is a good working Brake .
But even new Sportsbikes can have Problems with the OEM Brake System.

But I've to admitt, I don't know how good the Brakes at moderm Bikes are - I only know the weight of the Calipers and Discs maybe of a 1098 , or R1 or 600/1000RR .... and so on.
That is what counts, in my Eyes. So - as I assume modern OEM Brakes are not bad in general, there's not much of a Reason left to go for aftermarket Bits.

My point of view regarding Brakes, with subjective and objective Reasons mixed :
- I like CNC machined Surfaces , sharp edged, which in most cases have a very different looks compared to all the round and soft shaped cast Parts.
- a Brake is not only a Brake, it is Part of a System, which also affects the Suspension and Handling ( to mention unsprung weight and rotational Inertia here ).

"Naturam non facit super vacuum", as Aristoteles said, which means Nature does not do something superfluous, and this has been something like a guideline for me my whole Life. I.E. if you do not Brake very hard why go for Brembo-GP Calipers ?. They weight even more than standard Calipers !! So you say:
"I need them " ..... ? "I like them " - sounds like a good Reason.
But consider, in case you do not reach the stopping Potential of those Calipers, and considered they have even added some weight, you may have improved it all by the looks, but objective you've made it worse, due to the adittion of unsprung weight.
Those whole lotta Words just to say: it's moreless an individual thing what you choose, that's why I.E. Behringer is meanwhile producing Calipers and Master Cylinders in all colours which a Rainbow may have, but I also doubt, that this is the way to go.