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Hyperplates are Aluminum Clutch Plates, which are made to replace the OEM Steel Clutch Plates.
This Way you shave 65% of the weight , because Aluminum weight only 1/3 of the steel.
Weight savings up to 1.5 lbs possible!

Hyperplates utilize a dual coating that has proven extremely effective in protecting aluminum drive plates from the rigors of race conditions. Hyperplates can offer the benefits of decreased weight without the worry of wear typically associated with aluminum. An excellent replacement and upgrade for that old and heavy steel technology. Hyperplates will assist with that edge you've been looking for. Who use that? HYPERPLATE Aluminum Clutch Kits are used by Professional Road Racers, Drag Racers, and Stunt Teams. Advantages? Better acceleration Improved throttle respone Reduced inertia Dissipate heat 10 times faster Less clutch fade