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As most of the latest Sportsbikes do have good working callipers there seems to be no real need to exchange them. but what I have measured here on my Scale, most OEM Radial Calipers are - comparatively heavy.
Nissin, Tokico or Brembo, they're all between 1080 and 1180 gr each ( which is 2.38 to 2.61 lbs ).
Now it may depend on how hard people work on the Brakes, so I.E. as far as I remember Brembo Radial GP caliper weight even more.
And because - as I suppose- Brembo does nothing superflouos, the weight will have it's reason.

But most of us are not Stoner, and most of us do not need Braking Capacitys like the Brembo GP Caliper may have (though it looks good, I know ), so I have attempted to source as light calipers as possible - which STILL work.
I have to admitt, there are not a lot of light Calipers on Market, but at least some.