Fibre Products

The Carbon & Kevlar & Glassfiber Introduction , please read.

What you find this Section is my own stuff, which will be build in my Shed. Whatever you see is build from high-Quality Epoxy Resin, does not matter if it is a Carbon-Monocoque or Glassfiber fairing. I even make my molds out of Epoxy-Resin .

Here's an insight:
- into a Carbon/Kevlar lower fairing:
- into a Glassfiber upper fairing:

1995 I started intensively to create my own stuff . The initial spark was, that what I desired for my Bike was not available on Market, so there has been no other way - I had to do it myself.

Airbox-Designs and development of Fairings I make since 1996, structural Pieces as Monocoques since 1997. When I received my first Carbon textile 1993 I started very early to test what I can build out of that stuff, attempted to find out the borders of applications for Carbon.

A Material / Recommendations guide and generally Explanation :
- Fairings and Tailsections: Carbon/Kevlar is the best choice of all, the best Mix between lightweight and dynamical strenght, very often repairable. Even hard crashes won't tear it in Pieces.
- Airboxes: Glassfiber or Carbon. Because they're not located in a crash-sensitive Area. The weight difference ( as they anyway do not weight much ) between Carbon and Glassfiber is not as high as you may think , usually between 100-400gr. , which is 0.22 - 0.88 lbs.
- Fueltanks: what you may see here, and the way I describe them it sounds like they're from Carbon, but that's just my own laziness in description. The Fueltanks are all build from Carbon/Kevlar ( Ducati 749/ 999 available in Aluminum) , and not build at the max. weight saving. A Fueltank contains a fluid which can burn, here comes Security first, so that's why those Fueltanks are build from 3-5 Layers of Carbon/Kevlar. Sometimes, for Press-releases of my own Bikes I fab them with a first layer of Carbon, which is just for looks - everything behind is Carbon/Kevlar here too.
- Monocoques: they're all build from pure Carbon, to achieve the maximum weight saving.
- Air-Intakes and Airscoops : here I use Glassfiber or Carbon. Carbon is just for looks, a Carbon Airscoop may weight a few oz. less.